Thursday, February 11, 2021

Psychology Capstone Posters Online

Researchers discuss around poster
Undergraduate students in our Psychology Capstone course demonstrate their skills, experiences, and knowledge by both, writing a paper and presenting a poster. Prior to COVID, students presented their posters in a large session in the Elliot Hall lobby open to peers, faculty, and other visitors. With the transition to online classes last spring, capstone instructor, Caprice Niccoli, PhD, moved the poster session online too.

The online poster session is supported by Voicethread, an easy-to-use learning tool that students use to create slide presentations with video and/or audio commentary. Classmates watch the presentations and leave comments with video, audio, or text for the presenters. Voicethread makes written, audio, and visual bi-directional communication possible.

Three examples of the143 fall 2020 Capstone Voicethread presentations are linked below. The students have given their permission to publish them, although comments made by their peers have been removed. You are invited to experience the tool yourself by adding a text, audio, or video comment: click on these examples and hovering over the comment area at the bottom of the recordings. 

Grace Lindahl

Grace Lindahl: A Developmental Perspective of Psychopathic Traits in Children: Risks, Causes, and Implications

Alice Loder

Allie Loder: A review of the relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and criminal offerings in juveniles

Amy Schreifels

Amy SchreifelsBehavioral Activation as a Treatment for Late Life Depression

Senior psychology students Grace Lindahl, Allie Loder, and Amy Schreifels are the three recipients of the Borine Award Fall 2020