Friday, July 10, 2020

May 2020 Graduates

The Department of Psychology would like to congratulate the most recent group of graduate students (Addleman, Huelsnitz, Weiner) that have completed their long journey to a PhD.
Douglas Addleman
Area: CAB
Advisors: Yuhong Jiang, Dan Kersten
Dissertation: The effects of selection history on visual and auditory spatial attention

Chloe Huelsnitz
Area: Social
Advisors: Jeff Simpson, Alex Rothman
Dissertation: Effects of Type of Social Control Strategy and Perceived Agent Motivations on Eating and Relational Behaviors in Romantic Relationships Over Time

Elliot Weiner
Area: Social
Advisors: Chris Federico, Marti Gonzales
Dissertation: The Political Psychology of Immigration Attitudes: A Compound Threat Sensitivity Framework