Thursday, April 2, 2020

Frazier Quoted and Kathawalla Featured by USA Today

Headshot of Patricia Frazier
COVID-19 has taken things from us all. The losses that we all feel come from a wide range of sources: in-person education, graduation ceremonies, family events, national conferences/conventions, and many others.  Patricia Frazier, PhD, professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota discusses this in an interview with USA Today in an article titled “The coronavirus has robbed us all. Let yourself mourn the loss, experts say.”

Part of the cost of this pandemic is the potential loss of experiences.  Ummul Kathawalla, graduate student in the Department of Psychology, was also featured in this piece.  Kathawalla was planning to get religiously married in Mumbai; however, due to the travel blocks, her fiancĂ© was unable to join in time for the day.  Thanks to modern technology and creativity, they were able to be religiously married through Zoom.  She was able to turn a drawback to a positive and still involve all of the family members and friends that the couple wanted to attend.  Congratulations, Ummul!
Picture of Ummul Kathawalla on Zoom