Monday, December 20, 2021

Anders Shares on De-escalation Strategies for Mental Health Crises

Headshot of Dr. Samantha Anders
A Minnesota Daily article titled, “Mental health crisis de-escalation training offered to Ward 2 members,” examines how de-escalation tactics for mental health crises have been introduced into mental health and law enforcement training in Minneapolis. Oftentimes, mental health crises are dealt with within a family or neighborhood setting, but those engaging in trying to support those going through a crisis often lack training in how to best calm down the situation. Samantha Anders, PhD, adjunct faculty in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, says that de-escalation strategies are centered around trust.
“Most people want to be understood by someone, and when we are, we feel better”
Anders goes on to share that these strategies are applicable for mental health crises and ordinary situations.

Composed by Flora Pollack, communications assistant.