Wednesday, June 23, 2021

StarTribune Quotes Lee on Implications of Pandemic Brain Fog

Headshot of Dr. Richard Lee
Brain fog is a new challenge that many individuals are facing during the pandemic. In the StarTribune article, “Tired? Lack motivation? Pandemic brain fog might be to blame,” Richard Lee, PhD, professor in the Department of Psychology, highlights results from the research his team, in collaboration with Professors Rich Douglass and Pat Frazier, has conducted in the past year. In a longitudinal study on the mental health of university faculty, staff, and students, up to 20% of the participants reported a lack of clarity of thinking, including difficulties with communication, motivation, and concentration, during the pandemic. These issues have implications for the performance and well-being of members of the university community. 

Lee’s work has been cited throughout the pandemic in several articles and publications. 

Composed by Althea Anderson, communications assistant.